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The problem

Every second, one (1) luggage is lost in the world. When this happens, travel and stay are often ruined; either by the energy involved to gather information in the country of destination, or by the much too long recovery times, or for the worst case scenario your luggage ended up to auction or sold by weight and its contents sold at the unclaimed luggage center (more than 7000 items per day)..   

The need

How do you make sure your baggage arrives at its destination when so much is lost every year? Airlines recommend adding an name luggage tag. In 2020, it's a shame not to involve technology to protect your luggage. Often due to lack of information or overconfidence, travelers neglect their checked bag protection until the day the bag is not available on the airport baggage belt. Too late, that’s where the nightmare begins ...

The solution

AeroTAG is a global service to prevent checked luggage loss. It includes a mobile application, a digital baggage tag ("bag flytag") and a dedicated assistance service to resolve baggage problems (search, recovery, delivery). With AeroTAG, your baggage becomes VIB (Very Important Bag). The service is unique. It is ideal for all travelers wishing to strengthen their checked luggage against transport errors, delays or loss.


ATrack your luggage where ever you are

The mobile app

Did you know that 26 million passengers were victims of luggage loss*? This represents millions of wasted trips and stays. The mobile application makes possible to connect flight route information to the digital bagage tag (flytag) attached to the luggage. You receive alerts and can follow up the status to recover the luggage (routing error, delay or damaged). The service complies with airline practices and recommendations (IATA *). AeroTAG not only contributes to prevent checked luggage loss but contributes to the success of the trip and the stay. Even if you had never lost a checked bag, you know that the risk exists? So do not hesitate, join us and the thousands bags that trust us. We can save your bag and make your travel even more enjoyable. 

* source : IATA, SITA.  

application mobile AeroTAG pour bagage égaré

AAvoids luggages mishandling and loss

Flytag, flights details hang to the bag

The flytag hungs with a steel cable outside the luggage near by the airline's paper tag. It allows all travelers to connect their flight details for identification by airlines and airports (departure, stopovers, arrivals). Each flytag is unique. It contains various identification barcodes as well as specific system information. It is updated by the traveler with the mobile application. It’s simple and efficient. Travelers scan their boarding passes and checked bag receipts and connect the details to the flytag. The flytag is configure to be identified by airlines and airports system readers. The flytag is universal, permanent and reusable. It works for all airlines (international, charters or low cost). Flight details are only stored in the customer area and deleted when luggages is retrieved. No information is collected by AeroTAG. Solid, unique and premium quality, the read rate is close to 100%. The flytag meets the tailor-made needs of travelers using different airlines to final destination. It’s a reality, 100% of the lost luggage did not have a flytag.

Carte d'identification universelle Aerotag pour bagage en soute


Dedicated to your luggage

Aware that the luggage journey is not a long calm river, AeroTAG integrates a dedicated global assistance. The « concierge » intervenes, in complex cases, to facilitate the search and express luggage recovery. Included in all offers, you request it from anywhere thanks to the mobile application. This saves you from phoning dozens of times locally to a number that does not pick up or wasting your time with "X" parties for a disappointing result. Moreover, we are the only player whose core business is dedicated to «  checked luggage protection and safety ». Thanks to our know-how, we help to prevent luggage from loss as well as drastically reduce recovery times. For this reason, we have been selected by RMC Discovery as one of the major innovations contributing to improve passenger satisfaction. If despite our best efforts, we fail in our mission, we will reimburse you keeping service benefit. Just to tell you, the confidence that we have in our service (see product conditions).

Support en ligne pour aider à retrouver le bagage où que vous soyez



Chloé leaves for Thailand with a stopover in Dubai ; but her luggage leaves for Moscow. Chloé is informed by the app. She makes a claim to the last airlines used for her journey but has to leave immediately for other places and countries. This makes her file very complex for her and airline employee locally. Chloé requests the concierge service via the app. The concierge takes care of everything (companies, airports, baggage handlers, customs, etc.) and keeps Chloé systematically informed about results. Mathieu becomes her privileged contact. He will manage an express luggage recovery and handling to Chloé’s location.


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