Some stress about losing your luggage ?









Is this stress justified ?

Because we know that getting your luggage back is vital for all travelers, we have developed AeroTAG.
The AeroTAG mobile app and the e-luggage tag enhance luggage protection around the world. AeroTAG is based on a digital and electronic information sharing technology, between the traveler and the baggage handlers, using a technological language common to all aviation players.
With AeroTAG, the journey becomes modern and peace of mind.

Did you know?

The attribution of a temporary codification to the luggage by airlines and the unavailability of the information between all the actors are often the cause of the bag loss.
Airlines bagtag are frequently damaged during loading and unloading. It becomes a headache for airports.
The baggage is likely to be permanently lost.




quelques chiffres


La fin de parcours du bagage




With AeroTAG, travelers can protect their luggage by smartphone. At the airport, a few seconds are enough to protect it.
AeroTAG is based on a digital technology with a electronic luggage tag permanent or rechargeable. The app allows IATA * electronic label encoding for airport processing, from the most modern to the most intrusive.
The data that appears for the airports corresponds to the current airlines paper tags.

 Unlike those, AeroTAG includes all airlines used up to the final airport in the specific technological language common to all players.
The AeroTAG electronic tag replaces the company's paper label in the event of a failure.
A major asset for the traveler and baggage handlers to carry baggage to its final destination but also directly to passengers wherever they are.
With 1 lost luggage per second, AeroTAG is not a luxury but a necessity.

The data is transmitted with a simple click on the smartphone to the electronic luggage tag attached to the luggage after passenger registration at the airline counter.
For the comfort of passengers, the application allows information, luggage tracking in case of problems, the ability to make a copy of their passports as well as enter a destination address



AEROTAG electronic tag



The AEROTAG solution to travel with serenity





Transfer all mandatory information to electronic tag.

Display the bag itinerary on the woldmap.

Luggage Information, tracking in case of issue.

Passports, ID safety (ELO service).

All Airlines worldwide (multi-Airlines or direct flights).

Global service permanent or per travel.


Similar to a premium frequent flyer card.

Each electronic tag is unique with specific IATA air standard encoding.

Integrates essential technology for luggage handling.

Without battery in accordance with the regulation of checked baggage.

Resistant to cold, heat, sunlight, ice, grease and mildew.

Hang to the luggage with an iron cable.

IATA : defines the common practice for airlines transport industry.


Your benefits

Toutes compagnies aériennes

A single APP for your luggage in the hold

Information des anomalies de parcours

of the bag journey

Recherche et suivi bagage manquant

in case of missing luggage.

Service dédié aux bagages


Indemnisation des vols

flight delay up to 600€.

La sérénité du voyage

Permanent or flights formula.

Service dédié aux bagages

Without battery
in accordance with the ban by airlines

Indemnisation des vols

IATA bag details journey.

La sérénité du voyage

and nominative for optimal global protection.

       And much more...

      • Simplicity : a few clics !
      • Works in offline mode.
      • Multi-Aerotag: manage as many luggage cards as desired
      • The purchased flight credit has an unlimited duration.
      • Depending on your travels, hang the AEROTAG card at the luggage of your choice. 
      • Flight delay compensation will be soon available.


Become an AeroTag member

Itinéraire des vols du bagage pour les bagagistes

 Global service link with airlines.

Service dédié aux bagages

dedicated in case of bag problems.

La sérénité du voyage

for the transport of the luggage.



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