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Electronic nominative & rechargeable bagtag + app + 2 flights included
AeroTAG electronic bagtag - color: black
Prepaid electronic nominative luggage tag with 2 flights included and free mobile application. The offer is without commitment, to recharge at will. You can add additional flight credits by clicking recharge or reload later via the mobile app (For example, a trip with a stopover to and from the airport requires 4 flights).
- Material: 100% PVC, weather resistance
- Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.4 cm
- Nominative: YES. Civility, first name, last name.
- Steel towing cable supplied
- Services via the app: configuration and connection of passenger information, notification and tracking in case of problems, bag picture and passport copy, flight counter, flight recharge, eligibility for compensation in case of late flight.
- System reader : barcodes & manual
- Mobile app to download for free from Apple or Google store
The production time is 48 hours plus the mailing.
This is the ideal additional service for all passengers wanting to enhance the protection of their luggage against the failures of standard airlines luggage tags.


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